"What is production?" You might be wondering...

A production is a dancer's interpretation of a story! The students will learn a variety of styles of dance and develop acting and stage presence! Production is a great way to prepare yourself for the world of theater!

We audition students for cast roles, and specially select each child for the role that better suits their dance and tumbling abilities. With each recital we have a new production, winter and spring.


Past productions of ours include...

-Clara's Candy Land (The Nutcracker)

-We're All Mad Here (Alice in Wonderland)

-Our Nightmare Before Christmas (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

-Once Upon A Dream (Disney Princesses)

-A Christmas in Whoville (The Grinch)

- The Golden Ticket (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

Meet our 2021 cast for The Golden Ticket!


Laney as Charlie Bucket!

Previously seen as the Dormouse, Rapunzel, and Max!


Amy as Veruca Salt!

Previously seen as The Dew Drop Fairy, The Queen of Hearts, Sally, Sleeping Beauty, and Martha May Whovier!


Olivia as Violet Beauregarde!

Previously seen as Clara, Mad Hatter, Zero, Snow White, and Cindy Lou Who!


Haylee as Augustus Gloop!

Previously seen as Cinderella and mini Mayor Augustus Maywho!

Ava as Mike Teavee!

Previously seen as The Mayor, The Evil Queen, and The Grinch!

Lillian as Oompa Loompa!

Previously seen as mini Elsa and mini Grinch!

Alysea as Willy Wonka!

Previously seen as Sugar Plum Fairy, Alice, Jack Skellington, Maleficent, and Mayor Augustus Maywho!

As always, thank you to our amazing cast and their families for making this dream come true!

We hope to see you at our production of the Polar Express this upcoming fall!