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How to Enroll

2024 Summer Session is open for enrollment right here online on May 1, 2024!  The session starts June 18th so we look forward to seeing you there! Scroll down and click on the Register for 2024 Summer Session to get started!

Trial Class/Enrollment: Inner_about

Level Guidance for Enrollment


Ballet 1A- generally ages 6-9 with little to no ballet experience
Ballet 1B- generally ages 10-19 with little to no ballet experience
Ballet 2- generally ages 10-19 with consistent ballet training


Acro 1/2- generally ages 5-12 with little to no acro experience

Acro 3/4-generally ages 6-19 with beginner/intermediate level acro experience

Acro 5/8- generally ages 6-19 with intermediate/advanced level acro experience

***If you have any further questions on the placement of your child, please message us!


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